Unique Adventure Sport Experiences in Rishikesh

buy furosemide online uk Rishikesh (also spelt Hrishikesh) is set in the gorgeous state of Uttarakhand and is about 228 kilometres from Delhi and 25 kilometres from Haridwar. It is considered to be one of the holy cities in India famous for not only its yoga and meditation centres but also adventure sports.

Rishikesh is considered to be famous for its river rafting because it is the beginning of the river Gangers. Unique Sports in Rishikesh have been an attraction for innumerable tourists from across India and abroad.

The various adventure sports that serve as a highlight in Rishikesh are bungee jumping, white water activities, body surfing, cliff jumping, kayaking, nature trekking, flying fox activities, swing activities, rappelling, etc. There are various tour and travel operators that arrange for adventure trips to Rishikesh round the year. There are special packages offered which can make this experience in Rishikesh a truly memorable one.

There are trained experts who guide and supervise the adventurer in each of the adventure sport activities in Rishikesh. River rafting offers a range of 13 rapids along the Ganges to experience the most wonderful rafting journey. Best season for river rafting is October to May.

Unique sports in rishikesh are extremely popular and travelers from all over the country and globally visit Rishikesh to enjoy all kinds of different adventure sports. Rafting is particularly popular and there are innumerable adventure camps in Rishikesh that offer lots of opportunities to enjoy different kinds of adventure sporting activities.

Bungee jumping is another sport in Rishikesh that one can opt from to experience the thrill of heights and jumping together. There is a permanent cantilever platform built on the river Hall, a tributary of river Ganga, at a height of 83 meters making it a memorable experience. Body surfing is another interesting adventure sport in Rishikesh, where one swims with the wave and lets oneself loose to allow the current of the river to take you along. There are techniques in accomplishing this which are shared by the experts at the place. Kayaking in Rishikesh has gained popularity among the tourists from all over the world. you can choose either to ride with a trainer or drive a kayak yourself. There are different rapids which one can choose as per the skill and physical activity.

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